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About Me... and My Blog

Sawubona and welcome to the Online Income Police blog! This is a PERSONAL blog about making money online and travelling, two topics that are so inter-linked that they're basically two sides of the same coin!

Abu Dhabi International Airport
My name is Banelisiwe Lubisi, an internet entrepreneur from Pretoria, South Africa and I go by "Banelinho" as a result of my deep admiration of the former Brazilian international footballer extraordinaire, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, otherwise commonly known as Ronaldinho. Basically I used to watch some of his YouTube videos and then go out to what was quite the big backyard at home and successfully copy some of the physics-defying things he did with the football!.. So anyway, football (when it's played beautifully, like how Ronaldinho did it) is one of my greatest passions in life, although I've perhaps watched it more times than I've had the chance to actually play it myself. My other great passion (besides good, old-school music) in life is travelling, something which I've had the privilege of experiencing quite frequently in recent times and I'm loving every single moment of it!

For an introvert who is perhaps a recluse of the worst kind as well, I quite enjoy meeting new people from all over the world and for some reason I have absolutely no problem making new friends wherever it is the road has taken me so far!

I've not seen even a tiny fraction of the many places in this beautiful world I'd still love to visit and basically that journey as it unfolds is what this blog is all about.

Via this here blog, I'll simply be documenting my travels and also exploring and discussing the other side of the equation, which is how to fund those travels (making money online).

I'm more than happy to share what works and what doesn't and I'm also more than happy to entertain any collaborations, partnerships or even just some contact from like-minded individuals who might perhaps need someone to talk to - someone who understands how lonely this chosen path can get, so don't hesitate to get in touch for whatever reason!

Otherwise I hope you enjoy reading some of the posts I'll be sharing and I hope you can extract some sort of value from each post as well.

If I'm ever in your part of the world, perhaps we could get together for some coffee or something, otherwise my idea of fun entails exploring the great outdoors, lying around at the beach, getting lost in a good book, watching and playing sports, getting my mind blown by thoughts of things like the infinite vastness of the universe (while star-gazing, perhaps), and pretty much anything which would fall under Cultural Experiences.

So if any of that or anything similar to that sounds like something you can endure for a little while, you can read all about it on this blog, or we can even enjoy some of it together...

Expect something a little different - the world as seen through the eyes of someone who'd like to think they look at and subsequently see things differently, as well as the exploits of someone who was tired of living a life designed by someone else long before I could even get a true taste of what working an eight-to-four job was like (or nine to five in some other countries)!

Expect something which seems to be a rarity in what is quite a big world of what many would refer to as lifestyle blogging - REALNESS, so no airbrushed pics or some corny stock images along with 500-word, generic, SEO-geared blog posts about some or other listed tips and suggestions which are nothing more than some recycled internet hogwash a lot of pseudo-bloggers tout - NO!

Expect photos featuring yours truly with his "unprofessional hair," likely shot with just a single take (I'll probably shoot some videos as well) and that will hopefully represent the same realness to be contained in some of the experiences I share, whether these are travel experiences or experiences pertaining to the ongoing quest of earning one's living remotely. Naturally these experiences will sometimes be distilled into some useful lists, tips and the likes, but you can be sure of the fact that it'll all be REAL!

So join me on my ongoing adventures of striving to live the WiFi Lifestyle, otherwise commonly known as trying to live the life of a Digital Nomad...